NENAC 2016



Hittle Observatory2

Hittle Observatory with cover.  Homer

Cloud bank covering the moon

Cloud bank covering the Moon. 

Hittle Observatory1

Sunset at Hittle Observatory.  Homer NE

Looking at Mars

Cory’s 20″ telescope looking south.


M13 through 11″ Hedges Celestron.


M65 & 66 through Hedges 11″ Celestron.


Observing with binoculars and a telescope is cool!

Gary's observatory

Fugman Observatory, stars so bright in NE you can see them in the daytime!  HA!


mars, jupiter, and arcturus

Mars, Arcturus, & Jupiter over Hedges Observatory.


To the east, Lyra is rising

At Cory’s looking to the east at Lyra

Cory's 20inch Obsession telescope

Cory’s 20″ telescope with Mars and Saturn surrounding Scorpius.